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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bush calls U.S. "evil"

I was getting ready for school and heard our asshole president speaking on CNN about Times Square and endorsing John McCain. Of course I was annoyed; he tends to do that to me, especially when he's promoting the continuation of the war, using fear tactics, and basically being full of shit. But something he said stood out. He referred to "the terrorists" as evil, then clarified his statement:

"I call them evil because if you kill innocent people to achieve a political objective, you're evil."

Oh really...? What about all those innocent civilians in Iraq? What about the thousands of young American soldiers? What about this:

and this:

Who are the terrorists?
Who/what is evil?

And why is it even legal for the current President to endorse a Presidential candidate? It's so inappropriate. Par for the course...

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Fire Ant said...

It's par for the course nowadays for the media and the public in general to not get outraged at this asinine comment. I just don't get the apathetic reponse to this stuff........

Fire Ant