"in my heart, i think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist" --gloria steinem

"the main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything . . . or nothing." --lady nancy astor

Thursday, December 20, 2007

re-revision update

current mood: triumphant

The co-editors of Radical Teacher's Teaching About and With Alternative Media cluster liked your recent revisions and would like to publish your article. We now need a short three or four sentence Contributor's Note from you and any suggestions you might have for graphics to help illustrate your article. We have an Art Director who takes care of choosing and creating graphics, but we also like to have our authors offer selections of their own which they think will enhance their articles.

Leonard Vogt, Bob Rosen, Pepi Leistyna
Cluster co-editors

Monday, December 3, 2007

Festivus Among Us

current mood: jubilant

I'm so festive this year. And it mostly has to do with my fabulous living situation and partner who actually appreciates-- participates in--such frivolity with me. It's my first year with a Christmas tree since moving out from my sister four years ago. Various excuses have kept me from going through the trouble (or fun) of decorating my house, including a roommate who didn't care about the holidays much, the fact that no one ever visited, the cost and consumerism of it all, and a general lack of joy and passion around the holidays because of too-much-work-to-do and long-distance relations...

But this year is different. I love him and I love holidays and I love our first Christmas tree. If I can break through my two jobs and intense December workload, we might even have a holiday look out. Ho ho ho...

revising (and then revising again)

Current mood: over it

For those of you blessed enough NOT to know what trying to publish an article entails, I'm including the following sample.

Over a year ago, Alison Smith and I presented a pair of papers at a MAPACA (pop culture association) conference. The presentation went well, but apparently our papers functioned better together in that very specific context, b/c when it came time to revise mine for publication (since such subject matter has such a short life), I found it more difficult than anticipated.

I first revised for Feminist Teacher (academic journal) but never heard back from them. So rather than let it go, I responded to an appropriate call from another journal, Radical Teacher--which required another set of revisions. Then more. And now more.

It's promising that they took the time to give me such specific recommendations (whereas generally you either don't hear back or receive a simple "thanks but no thanks"), but by now I'm just SO OVER IT. And I have SO MUCH TO DO otherwise! Like grade 130 papers, revise another paper and write a personal statement for my PhD application (another blog entry altogether), and (yes) study for the GRE, again... all in a month.

But off I go to revise this paper--again. Revision is about the "again" which I've come to know so well. Too well. Wish me luck...


Leandra, We may be interested in publishing your article "A Space of Our Own: My Space and Feminist Activism in the Classroom" in the Radical Teacher cluster on Teaching About and With Alternative Media. The idea of relating to MySpace and getting students to post things there about political issues seems worth pursuing. This could be an interesting and useful article on MySpace technology as a pedagogical and political tool.

However, before we could consider publication, we would like you to revise with more focus on the words "Feminist Activism" from the title of your article. We feel too much of the article is quotes from authorities or talk of what MySpace means to you personally. Instead, we would like a greater focus on specific political content students learn or express on MySpace and if and how the use of this alternative media fosters "Feminist Activism in the Classroom."

We like the relationship between feminism and MySpace that your article discusses, and we hope that you are willing to revise in order to include more focus on students and their responses to this alternative media. Would it be possible to hear back from you with revisions by around November 25?

Sincerely, Leonard, Bob and Pepi

Co-cluster editors for Teaching About and With Alternative Media


Leandra, We would like to be able to publish your article "A Space of Our Own: MySpace and Feminist Activism in the Classroom" in Radical Teacher's cluster on Teaching About and With Alternative Media. However, before we can make a final publishing decision, we have some suggestions for revision which we hope you are able to make.

We find your article at its best when it is concrete and offers specific examples. We would like more of that in your revision.

[INSERT MANY SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS] (which i do, i really do appreciate)

We hope these suggestions for revision are useful and that you are interested in working with us towards publication.

Leonard, Bob, and Pepi Cluster co-editors of Teaching About and With Alternative Media Radical Teacher